The Weekly Vibe

In Sustainable Fashion

With Earth Day just passing us by recently, we think itโ€™s always important to care about the quality and sustainability of your clothing. When it comes to accessories, they are the pieces that can tie an outfit all together, be your statement piece, or even become an essential for your day to day life. Accessories have also gotten an eco friendly makeover, trending most recently being sustainable bamboo handbags. Because of how fast bamboo grows and not requiring any chemical treatment, a bag like this is the perfect earth conscious piece thatโ€™s neutral colors are going to allow you to wear it with anything all summer long!

How is Jen Styling this Trend?

Of course these bags are going to look great with vibrant and tropical influenced prints, but we know a Chicago summer doesnโ€™t always feel so tropical. Jen suggests upgrading a neutral piece like this by tying a bold colored silk scarf around the handle allowing you a chance to change your look whenever you feel like it.