The Weekly Vibe

The Ultimate Summer Suit

Gentlemen, while there’s nothing better than a warm summer day but we know how uncomfortable it can be out be wearing a full suit. Luckily for you, one of the biggest trends for this season is the polished but breathable linen suit. Because of the weave linen fabrics and the structure that keeps it from sticking to your body, this can be your go-to suit all summer long. Linen also has a high absorption rate, so any perspiration you do have is going to be dried quickly and leave you feeling clean. A linen suit is going to be great to try different colors and edgy styles, this is the type of piece you’ll want custom!

How is Jen Styling this Trend?

A well tailored linen suit made for you is going to probably be the only option to rock this trend. It needs to fit right. Linen shirts are usually known to be a bit looser and airer for summer, not in this case. Get a custom linen shirt to wear under the linen suit or a casual tight fitting polo, no tie and an awesome pair of dressy sneakers or a sleek loafer. No ties necessary for these suits! Don’t be afraid to wear the wrinkles. Linen always wrinkles and will give you character!