The Weekly Vibe

Lovely in Lavender

We are all about the spring trends right now, and the elegant and chic pieces being created in lavender are perfect transition pieces for your wardrobe! With light and airy colors like these, you don’t need to worry about wearing too much, in fact, the more you wear the better it gets. Full outfits of lavender like pictured below, are going to make you not only stand out, but give you a cool and on trend style. If lavender isn’t your thing, this is a great time to experiment with all different pastel colors! Try them in pants, shoes, or (our favorite!) a pantsuit!

How is Jen Styling this Trend?

This is a great trend to be able to mix into your daily wardrobe! Try a fully monochromatic look with different shades of lavender, or your favorite pastel, and incorporate different textures. Finish off the look by adding a pastel colored accessory if you want to be a little bolder. Or, try going for the classic pant suit with a simple white pump!