The Weekly Vibe

Winter Desert

Gentlemen, let 2019 be the year of adding desert color depth to your wardrobe. These shades of warm brown and beige are perfect for the slow transition from winter to spring and ensure you look great during. These tones can go beyond just outerwear, try adding more neutral colored sweaters, dress pants, and shoes to your closet to get the most worthwhile out of this trend.

How is Jen Styling this Trend?

Take a cue from 6x Super Bowl champ Tom Brady and invest in some desert tone wear! Layering different shades of beige and textures is going to give you an clean and on trend look. Right now is the perfect time to get your spring wardrobe ready, and with us ordering your own custom desert toned sport coat is going to be a breeze. Choose from our selection of colors and fabrics to make something completely your own, and for this month only (February) ask us about our custom order sale!