This Chicago born and bred, Italian-American entrepreneur is currently breaking boundaries in the fashion industry as a Personal Stylist. Her talents don’t stop there, but we’ll get back to that in a minute. Simply put, Jen’s passion lies in the enhancement of her client's self-image.

Raised by her Italian father, Jen learned that an important part of success comes from a direct relation to being client centric first and everything else later. This is what she acquired and makes her truly unique. The professionals that have the privilege to work with Jen immediately become the center of everything she does once she takes them under her wing. One of her first steps in on-boarding a potential client is spending time getting to know their personality during a face-to-face meeting.

She doesn’t put together outfits that onlookers want to taste, she puts together outfits they want to consume. Jen fits you for any occasion through her inclusive style of taking your best personality traits and matching them to your wardrobe is something very unique to her process and also something she takes great pride in. She has an infectious sense of style, thinks proactively and though she is well aware that it’s just business, she takes her craft extremely personally. Having worked with many leaders in the industry, Jen understands that her most valuable service is saving people time. Those same morals and values that were mentioned above which have been instilled in her since she was a young girl and have now made her into the force she is becoming as a young entrepreneur.

Meet Jen Ublasi…Literally.